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Thu, Sep. 24th, 2009, 11:02 pm
thinplease67: new!

Sexual Orientation:lesbian
ED:been diagnosed bulimic and then EDNOS
SI?:used to but not anymore
When did you start your ed?:over 7 years ago
LW:95(of this year)
STG:i dnt know what this stands for but im guessing starting weight which is 118(4weeks ago, been 107 for 2weeks now)
LTG:ill say my goal weight(sorry i dnt know what LTG stands for) 80lbs for now
Say something about yourself:
well im an art major. ive dated guys befor when i was too scared to come out, i cam out this past year and was with this girl whom i absolutely love, but were not together anymore :/
ive been sexually abused multiple times by mulitple guys, and one girl. i also have PTSD becuase some fucking bastart pimp tried to make me a prostitute.
i started restricting and over exercising when i was 12, but after i was raped when i was 15 i became severly bulimic and was throwing up up too 15 times a day. the guy who tried to prostitute me started giving me money for no reason and i kept talking to him for the fact that i needed his money so i could buy food to later throw up. about a year later after my first rape when i was 15 i was hospitalized becuase i had cardiac arethmia due to vomiting too much. i was in treatment for 3months, a year later i was put in treatment again. i was doing alright when i got out, but since the break up with that girl, and loseing my best friend/roommate(and having to move back home) and starting college, i couldnt deal with the stress and now everything within my mind is falling to crap. ive lost 11lbs so far and im slowing gaining some back becuase my school schedule is so fucked that im gone from 11am-10pm, so i tend to eat alot of junk when i get home.
im working on a meal plan for the next few weeks and am hoping to be 95lbs by halloween.
also im trying to become a raw foodist.
okay thats enough about me.

P.S. im really glad there's a community like this.